I arrived at the station of my thoughts today,
Unshackled by commitments
And free to board the train.

I feel free but there’s a hurry to catch the next train
All lead to different destinations
Some Led to my haven
And some backtracking without an end

I see plenty of trains
More than this station can contain
Overlapping in dimensions
But when the focus change,
I only see the one coming towards my end

I know the one I have to catch
But I get on the one that comes next
there’s no other option I can see at the moment
But to board the following train

Now I can’t see the relevance
But I can’t also pull the breaks
The brakes were faulty already
I knew that while boarding the train

I recall these places, I have been here before
the thoughts and their false mise-en-scène
It’s always a hard time leaving this terrain.
But I got up here again
lacking faith, to wait for the better bet.

The ride could’ve been better
The journeys would be exciting
Maybe, just maybe
If I had packed patience and faith.

I know it’s my choice,
Knowing where I want to go
But I go back again and again
Because these thoughts are easy
And these are the things I know

It doesn’t lead me anywhere
I was just cynical
To take the better route,
And I let my thoughts intrude.

After all, It was time,
Time to change the train
So I get down at the next stop,
To find my train towards a better place.

So, which train is at your station of thought today?