What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us –Henry David Thoreau

We showcase to the world what we are composed of, and what we are composed of is what we accomplish each day from day one. It is not just about the blacks and whites, but all the tiny details of our daily lives gathered in a pile. This pile contains knowledge, health, growth, and a lot of other things, which altogether make a curve of an individual life.
Each day is a new challenge, we are always trying to cope up with the task at hand. But somehow, some people tend to deal with it like a cakewalk and some keep floundering in it for periods of time which feels like an eternity. What brings this change? Is it simply luck? Or just a life plan that went right. Well, none of the above. It is the summation of the daily endeavours, counted from day one. It is the outcome of those small efforts that we put in to grasp things that are outside of our conscience at the moment.

So, what does staying ahead of the curve mean?

It means, are you ahead in this competing generation in terms of skills, how much knowledge do you carry within yourself, and how much do you wish to consume. And where we stand on the curve is determined by what we are learning every day.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.  -Benjamin Franklin

Learning to oneself is what watering is to a plant. With the absence of water the plant withers off slowly and similarly, to keep ourselves from withering in the weather, we need to keep pushing our limits and keep learning.

And as we learn, we grow.
And we hear it all the time:
Knowledge never goes to waste
It is true indeed! Every one of us has felt it once in a while.
Growing in terms of knowledge is what keeps us ahead of our former self.

And how do we keep advancing in this curve?

There is one simple solution..

You have to ask yourself daily  “What did I learn today” and then reflect upon it. Just try to list out at least 5 learnings from the day. May it be related to your studies, job, research or even if it is a simple life lesson. But make sure that at the end of the day, you are able to jot down at least 5 points in your journal, because writing can tweak and impact your subconscious, which in turn can inspire you to achieve your goal and drag us ahead in our walk of life.

When you start following this small 5 min ritual, gradually you start focusing on your daily learning. As you learn more, you start spending more productive days. You may not realise this every day, but these small consistent steps will keep dragging you ahead of the curve as it will leave you with a vast sea of knowledge and ideas.
As we start reflecting upon our days and start focusing on learning, we experience a change and the rate of change in our life soars as we move ahead. Which may be painful at first, but always yields the most desirable results.
So increase your rate of change and watch your growth snowball to new heights.
As without change, we are just running endlessly on a hamster wheel daily. 😉